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This person was detained last April 9-12, 2012 via entrapment operations and had been under the custody of Station Investigation and Detective Management Branch (SIDMB) Pasay City Police Station, under the case of ESTAFA (Swindling). She posted a bail for an amount of Php 50,000.

Welcome mommies, you might be familiar with this face, the name or the business name i guess.. but let me introduce her to you.. She is Emie Dizer, she calls herself a party planner. According to her she organizes kiddie parties, debuts, weddings etc. name it, and she'll do the rest. So what is so important about her? Well, i used to be her client recently and I'd say she's a fraud. Yes F-R-A-U-D.

I contacted her to organize my daughter's party on June. So i availed her service for the venue, the host, and a nice styo backdrop. According to her in order for me to book the venue somewhere in green hills, i need a sponsor (she knows someone inside daw), and it requires a full payment. A full payment? yes and she's asking for (Php 15,000). Since i got her 2 yrs ago for my son's birthday, i thought getting her would at least free me from any scammers, but i was wrong. Next, for the party host, i really love to have this part host on my daughter's birthday so i wanted to book him and she said that he was free on my chosen date and i need to give my 60% downpayment to book him, so i did. Then I availed this styro backdrop which needed to have a 60% downpayment also, so i did, and i paid her a total sum amount of Php 28,800, tuesday march 20, 2012.

Two days after, i wanted to confirm if she already booked the venue and the host for me. The host told me, "She did not book anything. She did not even asked me about the bookings." I had goosebumps, and he even added that he's having complaints about this party planner that she's accepting bookings without informing him, in short, collecting money as her modus operandi, then on the day of the client's party she will replace a cheap party host that is not equivalent to his performance and worse is that she blames the host as mistakenly double booked the client's party.

I checked on the venue, and confirmed that she did not make any payments at all, i short nothing was booked. On the case of the styro backdrops according to her they're always available so i don't have to worry about it. After finding out that nothing was booked, 3 days after i paid, i cancelled all my transactions with her. It was a friday and she told me that she will return all my money on monday, since she will have incoming events for the weekends, i patiently waited.

Monday no money was deposited on my account. According to her her brother was the one handling the funds and was not able to send it.
Tuesday, she was giving me an excuse that she got all cheques the other day and needs clearing until wednesday.
Wednesday-- she said "i'm still working out on it"
Thursday -- She deposited Php10,000, i was glad that somehow there was an improvement/ consideration on her part. I asked her when she will deposit the rest, she just replied "i'm still working on it since the sponsor of the venue holds the money."
Friday -- she is begging me and promising me that monday she will give the rest of the money and will make a promissory note about this.

Another monday came April 2, all her contact numbers are off and she is not responding to emails until now.

This is the copy of the contract she gave me. (please click on the photo to enlarge the details)

She was with me at the venue (March 20, 2012). *gotcha*

Lesson: Mom's we all wanted the best for our kid's especially on their special days, but we always need to make sure to find the legitimate, and trustworthy party planners, suppliers or whatever you call them. My husband and I totally had peace of mind when we finally had a planner that will be in charge of our daughter's birthday but turns our that we will go back to scratch and start finding credible suppliers for our baby's birthday.

For all moms who wants to know about this specific party planner/scammer here are the details and you can read more complaints and threads about her:

Emie Tingcungco-Dizer
Dynamic Impact Events Management Team
Princess Jade Catering Services Team
0920-5544988 / 0932-2093246,259533.0.html,230763.0.html

Please beware of this persons..

Thank you! We all know the power of karma, God bless us all!


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  2. she's using emie tingcungco on fb as of right now. if you contact her, please tell her that i want my daughter's video from 11/27/11.